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We feature the original giant gummy bear, and exclusive mini gummies in colorful display boxes that will attract more customers to your candy shelves

New Gummies

Sour Rubber Chicken Gummy

rubber chicken gummy

A classic gag item, the rubber chicken will soon be available as a tasty addition to our Off The Wall Gummy Candies. Don't forget to ask about this item when ordering. Delivered in colorful display boxes, this item will be ready to ship this spring.

Valentine BIG BIG Gummy Bear Now Available!

Big Big Gummy Bear

Our popular Big Big Gummy Bears in cute seasonal costumes. Bears available include:
Valentine Bear, Bunny Bear, Patriotic Bear, Halloween Bear, Santa Bear

Exclusive Gummy Candies You Can Order Now

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Itty Bitty Gummies

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Gummy Burgers
8011 Gummy Burger

Case Pack: 6/60ct

Gummy Burgers
8017 Gummy Sour Burger

Case Pack: 6/60ct

Gummy Hot Dogs
8015 Gummy Hot dog

Case Pack: 6/60ct

Gummy Pizza
8019 Gummy Mini Pizza

Case Pack: 6/60ct


Big BIG Gummy Bears

One of the country's most popular gummy items, our Big BIG Gummy Bear can be ordered by flavor or in an assorted display box.
Big Big Gummy Bear
8901 Big BIG Gummy Bear Display Assorted Flavors

Cherry, Grape, Blue Raspberry Orange, Green Apple


Big Big Gummy Bear
8901 Seasonal Gummy Bear

Order By Season
Valentine Bear, Bunny Bear, Patriotic Bear, Halloween Bear and Santa Bear


Big Big Gummy Bear
8900 Big BIG Gummy Bear Bulk Assorted Flavors
8901BC Cherry, 8901BG Grape, 8901BR Blue Raspberry, 8901BO Orange, 8901BGA Green Apple



Gummy candy
6" Cylinder filled with Peach Gummy Rings
6" Cylinder filled with Green Apple Gummy Rings

These items can be custom labeled